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Quality Assurance and Enhancement Cell (Q A & E C) was established at Army Medical College in 2020 to function in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Directorate of National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) as its Local Quality Enhancement Cell.


The QA&EC aims to achieve higher standards of quality education through continuous quality improvement enabling Army Medical College excel as one of the leading institutions of medical and dental education in Pakistan.


To effectively implement NUMS framework of Quality Assurance in line with its vision to build a mechanism of self-correction through organized efforts of all stakeholders including administration, academic departments, faculty and students at both undergraduate and graduate level.

QA Objectives

To facilitate undergraduate and postgraduate medical/clinical programs in acquiring accreditation from Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
To establish a clear framework of activities that lead to smooth conduct of self- assessment reviews, advance toward institutional performance evaluation and pave the way for inclusion of WFME standards in Medical education in Pakistan. To work towards achieving and maintaining the highest status of the developing a viable and sustainable mechanism of quality assurance in higher learning sector to meet the rising challenges of transforming the country into a knowledge economy.

Undergraduate Programs at AM College

  • 1. MBBS
  • 2. BDS

Postgraduate Programs at AM College



PG Program



MPhil Anatomy

Dept of Anatomy

PhD Anatomy


MPhil Biochemistry

Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

PhD Biochemistry

MPhil Molecular Medicine

PhD Molecular Medicine


MPhil Physiology 

Dept of Physiology

PhD Physiology


MPhil Pharmacology

Dept of Pharmacology

PhD Pharmacology


MPhil Hematology

Dept of Pathology

MPhil Chemical Pathology

MPhil Microbiology


MPhil Community Medicine

Dept of Community Medicine


MPhil Sciences of Dental Material

Dept of Sciences of Dental Materials

PhD Sciences of Dental Material (coming soon)



QA&EC Activity Timeline












Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation


Collection of Data from various departments

§  Consolidation of Information

§  Implementation Plan Report


Submission to HEC



Self-Assessment (SAR) of all Academic Degree Programs


NUMS Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Process on completion of degree of 13 MPhil Programs


Assessment Team Evaluation of NUMS Degree Programs

§  Self-Assessment of Programs and submission of SAR by HoD to QAD


§  Evaluation of Programs by relevant subject Expert

§  Executive Summary Presentation to VC and Implementation Plan

§  Summary Generation Submission of SAR & Implementation Plan Summary to HEC  


Graduate Program Review

Collection of Program Data of all MPhil and PhD Programs

Visit by NUMS Inspection Team for Internal Program Review

Reporting Program

Review Report to HEC



Yearly Progress


Collection of Data of various academic programs being conducted at the institute

 Consolidation of Info



Submission to HEC  



1-First Position in Public Sector Medical Colleges (PM&DC)

AM College Scored A+ (97.5%) (MBBS/BDS)

2-HEC PG Program Review Report

HEC Inspection team visited Army Medical College on Nov 24-25,2021 through NUMS. There were no major observations, all postgraduate programs were approved. Post visit report findings and recommendations were forwarded to relevant departments

3-The Reporter Status:

Army Medical College being constituent college of NUMS has a significant contribution in acquiring of the “Reporter Status” by NUMS in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023.

4-Visit for Internal Post Graduate Program Review (IPGRP) – 2023

Successful completion of Sixth Round of Post Graduate Program Review through NUMS with a panel of experts on 19 Jan 2023.

Self-Assessment of all Academic Degree Programs

AM College has been undergoing regular semester-wise Self-Assessment of Programs through an automated system since 2018. Self-Assessment Report (SAR) Evaluation of PG programs take place with external Assessment Team Experts on completion of each SAR cycle as per HEC requirements.

This year 3 rd SAR cycle for PG Programs shall be completed.

Graduate Program Review


Collection of all Post Graduate Program Data (MS/MPhil/PhD)

Documents Prepared for Program Review

  • • Program Review Performa
  • • QA & EC Program Review Summary
  • • Total no. of PhD Faculty
  • • Total no. of MS/MPhil Faculty
  • • Total no. of Enrolled Students in PhD Program
  • • Total no. of Enrolled Students in MPhil Program

QA&EC Responsibilities

Responsibilities of QA&EC, AM College

QA&EC, AM College is responsible for the following:

  • a. Improvement of existing programs and accreditation of new academic programs in consultation with Academic Directorate NUMS.
  • b. Annual monitoring and evaluation including program monitoring, faculty assessment, and students’ perception.
  • c. Developing a data source for accurate information regarding quality assurance which will be deliverable to all stakeholders.
  • d. Departmental review
  • e. Student feedback
  • f. Employer feedback
  • g. Quality assurance of Master, M Phil. and PhD degree programs
  • h. Subject review
  • i. Institutional audit

Quick link QA/QEC NUMS

https://numspak.edu.pk/qa/about-us Nums Alumini


Prof Amir Rashid
(Head of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Head LQEC, NUMS)
Prof Amir Rashid

Head of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/Head LQEC, NUMS


Asst Prof Saadia Muneer Malik
(Oral Pathology Dept)
Asst Prof Saadia Muneer

Oral Pathology Dept

Dr. Zunaira Saeed
(Demonstrator, Oral Biology Dept)
Dr. Zunaira Saeed

Demonstrator, Oral Biology Dept

Dr. Khaula Zahid
(Demonstrator, Dental Education & Research)
Dr. Khaula Zahid

Demonstrator, Dental Education & Research

Dr. Mamoona Zahoor
(Demonstrator, Community Medicine Dept)
Dr. Mamoona Zahoor

Demonstrator, Community Medicine Dept

Mr Asad Hameed
(Coordinator, QA&EC)
Mr Asad Hameed

Coordinator, QA&EC

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AM College was established at Rawalpindi in 1977 as a residential institution. The College was initially affiliated with Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad for the award of MBBS degree. It became a constituent college of NUST in 1998 and of NUMS in 2016.
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