Cadet Affair

Cadet Affairs acts as a bridging Head Quarter between the Cadets and all the other departments of the College. It ensures that all the matters related to cadets are completed well in time in such a manner that cadets can positively concentrate on their academics.
  • Ensure implementation of policies, directives and guidelines for training of Cadets
  • Ensure discipline, turn out and presence of Cadets in the College
  • Pass on / implement the college orders
  • Ensure aval / presence of Cadets for different events inside and outside the College
  • Ensure reception of new entry, their accounts, documents, medical, issue of items and other aspects
  • Military training of MCs/ MDCs
  • Keep updated records/ dossiers of Cadets
  • Recommend cadet appointments to Principal/ Vice Principal
  • Handle discipline/ leave issues of the Cadets
  • Resolve day to day administration issues of Cadets hostels
  • Hold frequent meetings with Cadet appointments to know their problems
  • Assist in organizing / conduct of Convocation
  • Organize Sports events