Multimedia Assessment of Realistic Knowledge & Skills

Assessment has a deep impact on student behavior and the learning strategies they adopt. Considering the tremendous influence of assessment on student learning behaviorand undeniable role of computers in modern education, Principal Army Medical Collegeenvisioned a specialized computer-based testing system with the capacity to deliver multimedia based questions

At present, all the multiple-choice question (MCQ) testswhether computer based or paper and pen-based include text-based questions only. This puts a large restriction on the assessment capacity of MCQs. Inclusion of multimedia-based questions like images, audio and video movesthe MCQ testing up the ladder enhancing its utilitybeyond the simple text-based MCQs.

The idea was formally presented to higher offices including National University Medical Sciences(NUMS) and was much appreciated and approved. Principal assigned the project to Information Technology (IT) Department of Army Medical College.The project was highly challenging asit was totally new and one of its kind in the country.

A unique feature of MARKS is the use of multimedia-based questions like video, audio and graphics in addition to conventional text-based questions. This makes MARKS different from other such systems which use typical text-based multiple choice questions only. Addition of multi-media-based questions is a revolutionary step in medical examination which enables the institution to assess higher order cognitive skills involving some part of the practical component of examination. Practicality of knowledge is assessed by adding multimedia-based questions for short cases in clinical sciences whereas interpretation of experi-mental results in Basic Medical Sciences

The rationale of instituting MARKS at Army Medical Collegeis as under.
  • Multimedia-based questions toassess practicality of knowledge
  • Paper free environment
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Student friendly
  • Ease of examination
  • Cheating
  • Less staff required for invigilation
  • Automatic and quick result processing
  • Post examitemanalysis
  • Training of students