AM College Hostels

The AM College is a residential institution providing hostel facilities for cadets of all categories. Each hostel is well equipped with all basic facilities including high speed internet service which is available 24 hours.
There are 8 hostels for both male and female cadets, which are known as 8 cadet companies. AM College students are alloted companies which are named based on remarkable historic figures to pay a tribute to their work. There are 6 companies (Ayub, Qasim, Razi, Luqman, Sina and Haythem) for male students and 2 companies (Ayesha and Fatima) for female students.

Residence: Each company has 100+ rooms. Each room is bi-seater and has been provided with bed, mattress, side table, study table, chair, book rack and cupboard.
Mess: Each company has its own mess with capacity for 150 cadets per mess.
Sports: Each hostel has facilities for indoor/outdoor sports. Each company has its own sports ground for outdoor sports activities. In addition, there are facilities for squash, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis and badminton.
Gymnasium: There is gymnasium for cadets provided with all kind of modern equipment. there is also snooker club inside gymnasium.
Cadet's Club: It is the hostel cafeteria for cadets that serves all kind of fresh and delicious food.
Visitor Room: There is visitor room for the parents and guests visiting hostel on weekend.
Cadet's Mosque: There is mosque for officers and cadets with capacity for over 500 people.
Study Room: It is provided with computers and internet facility, that is available 24/7.
TV Room: Each company has its own TV room for cadets.
Internet Facility: Available to cadets through internet vouchers via cadets CMS portal.
Hostel Supervision & Staff
  • In male hostels, 2 male officers reside to maintain discipline, ensure cadets' presences in the hostel is due time and tackle any kind of unforeseen circumstances.
  • In female hostels, 2 lady officers are appointed and responsible for overall conduct of female cadets. Furthermore, 1 chief warden (overall) and 2 junior warders reside in the company premises ensuring conduct of cadets.
  • Each company has its own admin staff stationed within company premises at all times.

Qasim Company

Ayub Company

Luqman Company

Razi Company

Sina Company

Haythem Block

Ayesha Company

Fatima Company