Basic Medical Sciences

Department of Anatomy is spread over the area of 13000 sq ft, consisting of dissection hall, lecture halls, museum and histology lab well equipped with audio visual training aids to meet the training needs of students. It encourages the students to actively participate in small group discussion, CBL sessions and dissection of cadavers. Postgraduate training & research programmes are carried out under vigilant supervision and in coordination with other departments. Moreover, it facilitates postgraduate research Read More
The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is one of the constituent departments of the Basic Medical Sciences at Army Medical College. The department started functioning since the instigation of AM College in 1977. The primary academic activities are directed towards MBBS & BDS undergraduate programs. The department holds the honor of having one of the most qualified faculty in the country comprising 3 PhD, 4 FCPS and 2 MPhil qualified members. The undergraduate teaching Read More
Since the establishment of Army Medical College the physiology Department is teaching its disciplines to the undergraduates of MBBS (1977), to BDS (1998) postgraduates of FCPS and MPhil and to the paramedics of BSC Nursing as per PMC & HEC Criteria.Our mission is to nurture competent and compassionate future medical doctors, dental surgeons to serve at National and International level. Read More
Islamic & Pak Studies
Department of Islamiyat & Pakistan Studies was established since inception of Army Medical College to provide students of MBBS & BDS basic information about Islam, enhance understanding regarding issues related to faith and religious life and improve their skills to perform prayers and other worships. Moreover, focus is also given on basic concepts of ideology of Pakistan with reference to historical backdrop of Muslims’ struggle for the establishment of the Pakistan, importance of Pakistan’s geographical Read More
Community Medicine & Public health
The Department of Community Medicine has an energetic faculty of 12 members, both nationally and internationally qualified, supported by 7 administrative staff, all engaged in various research activities committed to realizing the vision of the Department of Community Medicine, which is to improve local community health by creating and disseminating new knowledge and practices through community engagement; translating current knowledge to inform policies and mentoring future academics and practitioners in public health. To this end, the Read More
Pathology Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at Army Medical College is playing its integral part as link between basic medical sciences and clinical sciences. The major academic objective of the department is to educate the medical students regarding fundamental knowledge of drugs and train them in rational use of drugs. The Department houses a well-equipped pharmacodynamics laboratory to teach experimental Pharmacology. The spacious and well-resourced lecture hall and tutorial rooms augment towards smooth conduction of all Read More
Forensic Medicine Medical Education
Department of Medical Education was established at Army Medical College in 2019, with the mission of imparting evidence-based practice in all academic interventions and advancements defined by national and international accrediting bodies. The underlying philosophy was to foster academic growth in medical students and faculty by setting a benchmark of honesty, integrity, passion and sheer dedication stimulating a paradigm shift as enunciated by PMC, NUMS and college vision. Read More